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    1. CNC Synchro Press Brake
    2. CNC Press Brake WE67K Two light rulers are installed at the two ends of the slide, making the slide movement be parallel to the working table
      Adopt the working table compensation structure.
      The CNC servo motor of the back gauge gives a high positioning accuracy....
    1. Economical Hydraulic Press Brake
    2. Tandem Hydraulic Press Brake WE67K Our tandem hydraulic press brake is mainly used for making king-size work pieces. Its two sets of machines can be used synchronously and separately. ....

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

The CNC hydraulic press brake is characterized by excellent rigidity and stability with stress eliminated. It consists of left and right wall boards, working table, oil box, slot steel, etc. It adopts hydraulic transmission, making the operation smooth and reliable.

Hydraulic system
This CNC hydraulic press brake adopts the most advanced German Hoerbiger electro hydraulic servo system. The compact structured hydraulic system ensures convenient installation. Additionally, the hydraulic manifold block is especially designed to minimize the hydraulic pipeline connections, which delivers improved reliability and safety.

Mechanical system
1. This hydraulic bending machine uses electro-hydraulic synchro control system to ensure high precision operation.
2. It adopts the working table compensation system to further improve processing accuracy.
3. The back gauge system is designed with ball screw to guarantee seamless transmission..

CNC system
e.g. DA65W CNC system for CNC hydraulic press brake:

DA65W CNC system is the professional numerical control system for press brakes. It was the original product of Delem Co. in Holland. It can achieve instantaneous shutdown.

It is an achievement of latest computer technology. It innovatively adopts Windows real-time embedded operating system. It realizes automatic control of the hydraulic press brake. Core applications are bundled with the operating system, ensuring that the CNC hydraulic press brake remains in stable operation in case of instantaneous shutdown and frequent switching on and off.

CNC system automatically calculates the working time and times of bending actions. Thus, it saves labor cost and improves working efficiency.

When making several bending actions on the same work piece, the user just needs to input the intended dimensions into the system, and then the CNC hydraulic press brake can make continuous operations according to the requirements.

The CNC system can treat dimensions of machine tools, molds, and workpieces in a graphical manner. The graphics can be freely zoomed in and out at constraint ratio of 1:1:1. The system will simulate the bending as programmed, to make all-rounded collision detection and offer tips to reduce waste.

CNC hydraulic press brake can store 50 die graphics, so user do not have to change program when using a different mold, thus improving efficiency.

It can also store 25 press brake procedures, and each program can be compiled with multiple processes. When bending different workpieces, user only need to open the ready program, and then the computer can start the operation step-in-step.

CNC hydraulic press brake also gives alarm signals on incorrect operations to prevent mishandling.

The system can automatically control the following data: press brake speed, pressure keeping time, pressure discharge time, press brake pressure, press brake angle, the opening height of sliding block, etc.

Option: Cybelec CNC system, made in Switzerland; Delem CNC system, made in Holland

Synchro control system
CNC hydraulic press brake uses electrolyte synchro servo control system with high synchronizing precision. Two light rulers (Y1-Y2) have been installed at two sides of machine to measure exact distance. The rulers are connected with working table, so that deformation of wall boards will not affect the positioning accuracy of sliding block. The position data will be delivered to the CNC system and then it can check out the servo valve control signal (S1-S2)

Deviation resistance ability of the machine tool
The electrolyte servo system of CNC hydraulic press brake is an inner closing ring control system, which can check out the synchro discrepancies of sliding block by the movement of the light ruler. The electrolyte servo valve can correct the sliding block discrepancies, making it parallel to the working table.

Advantages and applications
CNC hydraulic press brake can get all the bending parameter variables controlled by computer. The support of hardware facilities ensures fully-automated precise machining. It is ideal for producing multi-step complex high-precision workpieces.

ModelsNomal Pressure(kn)Length of Table (mm)Distance Between Housing (mm)Throat Depth (mm)Stroke (mm)Open Hight (mm)Main Motor (kw)Weight (t)Overall Dimensions
(L × W × H) (mm)
WE67K 125/32001250320027004001804407.58.23820×1800×2530
WE67K 160/32001600320027004001804501110.83830×1870×2560
WE67K 160/40001600400032004001804501111.54610×1920×2700

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