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    1. Economical Hydraulic Press Brake
    2. Hydraulic Press BrakeThe hydraulic press brake adopts integrated hydraulic control system which limits the quantity of pipe connections, thus being more reliable and easy for maintenance. Our range of hydraulic press brake is simple to use, easy for starting, and convenient for maintenance. It is the mainstream machine in the metal bending market, widely used in sheet metal processing industries.
    1. NC Hydraulic Press Brake The advantages of this hydraulic bending machine are: 1. it assures that the cylinder is always full of oil when the sliding block is moving down at high speed; 2. it saves energy as the oil filling valve can guarantee the sliding block movement speed. Every complete working cycle can be achieved through the control of hydraulic valve. The remote adjustment valve can adjust the working pressure ...
    1. CNC Synchro Press Brake
    2. CNC Press Brake WE67K Two light rulers are installed at the two ends of the slide, making the slide movement be parallel to the working table
      Adopt the working table compensation structure.
      The CNC servo motor of the back gauge gives a high positioning accuracy....
    1. Economical Hydraulic Press Brake
    2. Tandem Hydraulic Press Brake WE67K Our tandem hydraulic press brake is mainly used for making king-size work pieces. Its two sets of machines can be used synchronously and separately. ....

Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic press brake is most commonly used. It includes bracket, bench and clamp plate. Bench consists of pedestal and clamp. Pedestal is connected with clamp through gemel. It consists of coil, cover plate and carrier. Coil is set in the hollow of the carrier while the top of hollow is cover with plate. When used, wire electrifies coil to form gravitation to clamp. For we adopt electromagnetic force clamping, clamp is available to machine many different kinds of work pieces. Our hydraulic press brake is mainly used in sheet metal industry, such as pressing of automobile, doors, windows and steel structure. It's a necessary equipment of machining.

According to synchro systems, we have torsion bar synchro hydraulic press brake (manual), torsion bar synchro hydraulic press brake(NC) and electrohydraulic synchro hydraulic press brake (CNC).
According to moving modes, we provide top drive hydraulic press brake and below drive hydraulic press brake.

Structure and Features:
1, Adopt complete steel welding structure, enough intension and rigidity.
2, Oil cylinders on both ends of machine tool are installed on sliding block to drive sliding work directly.
3, Sliding block adopts steel torsion bar synchro system.
4, Mechanical baffle plate is used, more reliable and stable.
5, Machine fast controls the speed of sliding block, manually fine tuning, counter displays.
6, Wedge deflection compensation system is adopted to improve the brake precision.

As a China professional hydraulic press brake manufacturer and supplier, products manufactured by Shenchong are reliable, stable, fast pressing, beautiful and human-oriented. torsion bar synchro hydraulic press brake (manual), torsion bar synchro hydraulic press brake(NC) and electrohydraulic synchro hydraulic press brake (CNC) are all available here. Customers can choose according to their own requirements.

Our products have passed ISO9001:2000 and CE certificates. Due to the high quality, stable property and convenient use, they are popular among customers. We have built business relations with more than 30 countries such as India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, Poland, Spain, Chile, America and Australia.

We can provide various types of machine tools, press brakes, shearing machines and plate bending machines, welcome to choose!

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