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3-Roller Symmetry Rolling Machine for Shipbuilding

3-Roller Symmetry Rolling Machine for Shipbuilding

Features of 3-Roller Symmetry Rolling Machine for Shipbuilding:
The upper roller of this plate bending machine makes vertical lifting movement at symmetry place of two bottom rollers center, through hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on piston pole, so it is hydraulic transmission
Two bottom rollers make rotary movement. Motor joins bottom roller through gear reducer and universal chain coupler, providing torque for rolling plate
Under the two bottom rollers, there are multiple sets of support rollers, which can improve the rigidity of the bottom rollers.
There is a rigid beam on the top of the upper roller. There are many sets of support rollers between the beam and upper roller, thus enhancing the rigidity of the upper roller.
This metal bending machine is applied for making wide arc type work piece.
NC control and CNC control are optional.

Technical Parameters of 3-Roller Symmetry Rolling Machine for Shipbuilding:

Model Max plate thickness
Max plate width
plate yield limit (Mpa) Upper roller diameter
Bottom roller diameter
Two bottom rollers counter space(mm) Rolling speed
Main Motor
Hydraullic Main Motor
16×12000 16 12000 345 380 320 500 3.5 30×2 22
20x8000 20 8000 345 340 280 420 3 30×2 22
20×10000 20 10000 345 380 320 500 3.5 37×2 22
20×12000 20 12000 345 420 360 600 3.5 45×2 30
25×10000 25 10000 345 420 360 600 3.5 45×2 30
25×12000 25 12000 345 480 400 700 3.5 55×2 30

Note: Plate yield limit 345Mpa is benchmark for design, the technical parameters for your reference, if product mend, parameter alter, we will not inform you in addition.

Shenchong is a China professional manufacturer and supplier of 3-roller symmetry bending machines. Our machines are reliable, convenient to operate and easy to maintain, they have already certified by ISO9001:2000 and CE certificates. In addition, they are not expensive. In more than 30 countries such as India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, Poland, Spain, Chile, America, and Australia, our products gain a great popularity among customers.
Besides 3-roller symmetry bending machines, different types of hydraulic press brakes, hydraulic shearing machines and plate bending machines are available here. Welcome you to order our products!

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