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Four-Roller Rolling Machine

Four-Roller Rolling Machine

The four-roller rolling machine is a plate bending and shape-correcting machine. It is specially used to shape and bend metal plates. One-off completeness of two ends pre-bending of the plate and tube-shaped or arc-shaped work parts rolling can be done by the plate bending machine and it also can be used to shape roughly the plate. With its ideal and effective functions, the product has found a wide range of applications in industries such as shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, bridge, hydroelectricity, chemistry, metal structure and mechanical manufacturing.

Compared with the mechanical symmetry 3-roller plate rolling machine, the four-roller type can pre-bend the ends of the plate directly without the help of other equipment and leave smaller part that is not rolled. In comparison with the mechanical level down type, this product can finish rolling-up of the work parts at one stroke. Thus, this plate bending machine can not only increase efficiency and assure quality but also alleviate labor intensity due to its simple process and convenient operation.

1) Our four-roller rolling machine is designed and manufactured on the basis of European four-roller plate bending machine technology, in addition to our own technology.
2) Prebending and bending can be completed on the machine without reversing end. Plates can be bended to be tubular, arc or even cone-shaped work pieces
3) New heavy duty rolling bearings are utilized, with low speed and high efficiency.
4) High working accuracy. Bottom and side rollers can lift and regulate automatically. In addition, they can also lean some angle and keep it to lift together.
5) Cone-shaped work pieces can be bent with auxiliary device on one end of top roller.
6) The four-roller rolling machineis well known for good rigidity, low gravity and smooth motion.
7) Crucial parts and components such as rollers, electric elements, and hydraulic parts are strictly selected and their quality is ensured.

Technical Parameters of Four-Roller Rolling Machine

Model Max. bending thickness (mm)Max. pre-bending thickness(mm)Max. plate width (mm)Min. diameter of Max. plate thickness(mm)Diameter of upper roller (mm)Diameter of bottom roller (mm)Diameter of Side roller (mm)Main motor power(KW)Rolling speed (m/min)

Shenchong is a China-based four-roller rolling machine manufacturer and supplier. In order to better serve our customers, we offer an extensive line of products, such as hydraulic press brakes, hydraulic shearing machines and plate bending machines etc. Due to their consistent quality and reliability, our products are CE certified, and are well received in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, Poland, Spain, Chile, America, Australia, among other countries. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us!

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